Bringing you the latest on smart systems from industry leaders, the Smart Systems Summit is the place to be for anybody working in this field: designers, engineers, researchers and technical management in electronics, software and system development. This year’s topics:

  • Smart health
    With people growing older and chronical disease on the rise, traditional healthcare is under pressure. This topic explores opportunities to empower patients and caretakers by giving them better insight in what’s going on and offering them innovative solutions to prevent things going really wrong.
  • Smart mobility
    People have always had the urge to move about. It’s an essential part of life. It’s an essential part of doing business. But in a world of growing traffic congestion, citizens and governments need to change perspective along with embracing technological advancements. Time for smart mobility. This track explores how smarter mobility solutions make our world more efficient, safe and sustainable.
  • Technologies for the IoT
    Exabytes of data, billions of sensors, millions of computers. A complex system, of which the performance and power trade-offs are determined by what’s being sensed, processed or stored, and where in the chain it takes place. It additionally affects attributes that matter to us all, like security and privacy. This track elaborates on the latest IoT technologies and the balance to be found between the promises of IoT and what works for people and society.